JioCoin: Reliance Jio is Planning To Launched Their Own CryptoCurrency In India

Jiocoin CryptoCurrency price: As we all of know, CryptoCurrency was not a legal tender in India. In Asian countries there are many investors in CryptoCurrency like, Bitcoin. In last year Jio has launched a JioPhone and now planning to launch it’s own CryptoCurrency namely “JioCoin“. This Currency is based on BlockChain Technology and Reliance Jio may hire 50 young professionals to work on BlockChain Technology. So scroll down to know JioCoin Price, Launch date, how to buy.

Jiocoin Cryptocurrency price

 What is JioCoin CryptoCurrency?

Reliance Jio plans to hire 50 young professionals to work on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a digital ledger in which transactions made in cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly.

There are multiple applications of blockchain and the Akash Ambani’s team would work on various blockchain products. While the JioCoin plan is still in initial stage, The Jio Coin can be used in supply chain management logistics and Loyalty points could altogether be based on JioCoin. Whether, the company’s new Jio Coin will be headed by Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani.

Can JioCoin CryptoCurrency Was Get Legal Status In India? 

It is hardly not possible to get legal status of cryptocurrency in India. As RBI and Ministry of Finance said, that CryptoCurrency was not legal in Country, even as the market cap of bitcoins alone is worth more than $600 billion. IfJio creates their own cryptocurrency in country, then its legal status can get a major boost and the Investment and trading into cryptocurrency in India can change forever.

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Jio Coin Launch Date:

Currently, there is no official launch date of Jio Coin, but according to Livemint news portal this new cryptocurrency will launch soon. Where as further information is available on Jio’s official website Still, be patience.

Jio Coin Price: 

As per the news, It is said that each coin would cost less than Rs 64, which is same as to 1 USD. It is also expected that the rise in the share market occur after the cryptocurrency’s launch.

How to Buy Jio Coin?

As the Jio Coin is not official launch, so there is no way to buy Jio Coin now. However, we can expect Jio’s official website to receive an update regarding Jio Coin CryptoCurrency or it may be possible the customers can purchase Jio coin’s from

Hope this information was helpful. Still, Jio doesn’t revealed when this JioCoin will launch. So it would be better to take this news as a pinch of salt. And Dont forget to press Red Bell icon to receive notification. Once the JioCoin CryptoCurrency was launch, we will update here.

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