Jio Juice Beta: Insert Jio Sim & Charge Your Phone Wirelessly Using Jio Tower

Insert Jio Sim & Charge Your Phone Wirelessly Using Jio Tower through Jio Juice: Here is Jio’s Prime Membership is extended till 31st March 2019 & Recently Jio has posted a tweet with hashtag #JioJuice as “Your digital life will never get interrupted again” in their twitter post. Reliance Jio does not provided any information about “Jio Juice Beta“. Now the question is; What is Jio Juice app, Recharge plan or PowerBank for Android users. Jio going to revealed Jio Juice Beta on 31st March 2018. So, we have to wait one more day for it. So scroll down & know about Jio’s Jio Juice Recharge PlanJio Juice Power Bank or Jio Juice app.

Jio Juice

What is Jio Juice Beta? 

Reliance Jio has recently tweeted on twitter with hashtag of #JioJuice on their post & told coming soon without any further info. But, we have got image as source that Jio Posted on their wall as below.  So, What you want, is it Jio Juice app, Powerbank or other.

jio juice app

Jio Juice is an Jio’s upcoming project. With the help of this new technology of Jio users can charge their smartphones without carrying chargers & power banks. This new technology will connect with the Jio’s towers and get charge from their Jio Tower without any cable, wire.

How to Connect Jio Juice to Charge Mobile Phones?

After the launch of Jio Juice, users needs to insert the Jio sim card in smartphones. And the mobile phone will get connected to the Jio’s nearest network. The connected Jio tower will create an electromagnetic field between the tower and the smartphone. This way phone without having any wire connected between the transmitter and the receiver & your smartphone will get charged. You can see below mention video.

What Will Be The Price Of Jio Juice? Is It Free?

It is possible that Jio may combine the benefits of Jio Juice with their existing tariff plan & Jio users can enjoy high-speed 4G data without any tension of Phone battery gets low.


Jio Juice App Download: Is it New App?

It can be happen. Yes Jio Juice can also be a new app & may be Jio Juice app is still in beta version. Well, it will be available for download on 31st March 2018. This app will help users to save their phone battery by optimising apps usage. The app may be launched in Beta Phase for trial purpose with name as “Jio Juice Beta app”. If the app will get launched; we will inform you via Push Notification & Jio Juice app download link.

Jio Juice Power Bank device:

The above image indicates that it can be a Power Bank from Jio. This power bank will help users to charge their phone battery anytime as your phone get thirsty. So, we can assume, it may be a new technology by Jio.

Jio Juice Recharge Plan Details:

Is that clear it is not an upcoming tariff plan by Reliance Jio for Prime membership. So, Jio will be working on New technology. Phone Thrusty? Your digital life will never get interrupted again.

So Guys What do you think about Jio Juice Beta? Is it Jio Juice app, Jio Juice power bank, New plan after March 31 or Reliance Jio Juice April Fool. Share your thoughts below in comment section & dont forget to press red bell icon to recieve an instant updates.

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