FaceBook Research App: Get Rs 300 Per Month & 600 Per Refer

Facebook Research AppFacebook Research App Program: Hello Guys Today we are back with new Facebook Reaserch App Email Invite & Earn offer where you will Get $5 Every Month Just By Installing App and $10 per Referral. “Applause” is a company that is operating this project and is a global leader in crowd testing, feedback and research. Applause is a global community of software experts provide a full range of testing and feedback services. So Scroll down and Join in Facebook Reaserch App Program.

FaceBook Research App

What will be Requirements to Join Facebook Research Program:

  • Android Version 6.0 Marshmallow and iOS Version 8.0
  • Verified Paypal Email Address with PAN
  • Non-PayPal Email Address
  • Invitation From Facebook Research App User
  • Must: Select Your Age Between 13-17 (2002-2005) and Gender as Female

How To Earn Rs 600 Per Referral & 300 on Signup From Facebook Research App:

Note: Must Select Age Between 13-17 Only

  1. Facebook Research App is Invite Based Programm Only , So You have to Get Invitation From Us to Join in that
  2. Visit this Form to Get Invitation Link From us
  3. Must Use Your Age 13 to 17 Only Otherwise Your Form Will Be Rejected By Facebook research App
  4. You will receive Invite from us & You Will recieve Instant 1st Email From Facebook Research App And Email Title like below, “Applause Research Program !! You are Invited
  5. Tap on Registration link Provided In Email & Click On Submit 
  6. Once you have done; Within Few Hours You Will Receive Another Email From Applause Research App
  7. Where Tap on Confirm Your Install & Download The Facebook Research App From The Link Provided in Email
  8. Therafter Copy The Unique Installation Code & Install The Facebook Research App
  9. And Paste The Unique Code Which You Received
  10. Within few hours You Will Receive 3rd Email 
  11. In 3rd Email you have to Fill Your PayPal Email Id to Recieve Payment
  12. So Put there Paypal Email Id
  13. In Parent’s PayPal Address; Fill Out Your PayPal Verified Email Address
  14. That’s it. No additional action is required. It can take up to three days for you to appear in Their reports. They will send you a confirmation email once They’ve confirmed your participation in our reports, or They will contact you in the event there might be issues with your installation
  15. Once the app is installed, you will be paid for each month the application remains installed and active on your phone
  16. You Will Receive 4th Email From Facebook Research App  “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed! ” FaceBook Research App

Facebook Reaserch App Refer & Earn: 

  • You will be paid $5 per month for each month you are active in the program
  • You will be paid $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the project within 30 days of you joining the program, for every month they participate
  • You will also be paid $5 per month for each referral that signs up for the project after 30 days of you joining the program, for every month they participate
  • Earn a $20 bonus per month for every five referrals that were also active in the program (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.)

When You Will Get Paid From Facebook Research App Program ?

Payment for referrals are paid out on the 15th of next month. It takes our systems up to two days to confirm your install, but this won’t delay your payment. We will send you another follow-up email within the next two days to confirm that you’ve successfully installed the application.

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